Regulation Left Luggage Florence

Deposito bagagli firenze

Deposito bagagli firenze

Rules of the Left Luggage service in Via dei Boni 5r Florence

Art. 1 Definitions
In this rule book those worlds are used with the following meanings Left luggage:
The space where the luggages are deposit and kept, the furniture and the administrative organization.
Employee: the physical person who deal with the service of storage of the luggages in the left luggage.

Art. 2 Rates
The rates for the service are decided from Left luggage Florence and they are shown inside the venue to the public.

Art. 3 Luggages that can be accepted
We accept in deposit and custody, inside the limits of capacity of single deposit after the payment of the rate Art.2: they can be suitcases, boxes, bags or similar items. Every item in the storage has to be well closed.
Left Luggage Florence is not responsible in all cases of money, jewelry, precious metals, business documents or any other valuable object inside stored luggages.
The luggages are brought in the left luggage under request of the owner or from the owner of the luggage himself.
After 30 days from the deposit, if needed the biggest items can be moved in another storage at the owner of the store expense.

Art. 4 Luggages that can be not accepted
We will not accept:

a) Luggage with flammables materials, or easily perishable, or with a bad smell or that can damage the structure of the Left Luggage of other stored items.
b) Valuable objects. We can refuse items in bad conditions or bad state of preservation; we can agree in case the luggage declares and sign his responsibility on the item. In this case the employee has to highlight the problem and note it on the ticket (art.8)

Art. 5 Opening hours to the public.
The opening hours to the public are, with no exception, from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 20:00.

Art. 6 Staff
The execution of the deposit is done by our employees. Our staff have to respect and to enforce the rules of the service.
Our employees can also get the amount of the deposit and all the other operations in this rule book.

Art. 7 Access
The access in the Left Luggage is always allowed to our staff or to police or other public workers which service is needed or motivated.

Art. 8 How the luggages have to be introduced.
Our employees have to fill up the module of deposit.
The first part of the module (numbered progressively) has to be kept from the Left Luggage.
The second part (the received) has to have the same progressive number of the first part and has to be given to the customer. The third part has to be attached to the stored luggage.
On the module are indicated:
a) The quantity of the items
b) The date and time of check in.
c) approximately the date and time of picking up.
d) the amount of the service.
e) the surname of the customer.
The employee is not allowed to check the identity of the customers.

Art. 9 How the luggage has to be returned.
The luggages have to be returned after the payment of the rate (art.2)
The employee has to check the received with our part of the module and not the identity of the customer..
In case the employee has the founded doubt that the customer is not the owner of the luggage, the luggage cannot be returned.
If there are no convincing proves of ownership the items stays in the store until further investigations.

Art. 10 If the luggage isn’t reclaimed.
After 90 days from the date of reclaim written on the module the left luggage can sell, destroy or use the luggage and its content.

Art. 11 Responsibilities
The left luggage is not responsible of the damage and natural decay of the item not attributable to the fault of the employee.

Art. 12 Conditions and revision of the regulation.
With the receipt of receipt of the module the customer accept all the conditions of this set of rules.
Copy of which can be request by our office.
The Left Luggage Florence can modify this rules based of the experiences and necessities emerging by using it.

Art. 13 Insurance
The Left Luggage is insured with Helvetia Insurances with insurance policy n.46398780

Left Luggage Florence
Via dei Boni 5r
50123 Firenze

+39 334 7007714
+39 055 6271764

Deposito bagagli firenze

Deposito bagagli firenze


  1. Hello. Is there a extra charge for large wheeled suitcase? Is every bag 1 dollar per hour regardless of the size? Thanks

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